Keynote : Dr. Kris Laukens

Dr. Laukens is a bioinformatics researcher at the Biomedical informatics research center (biomina) and the Advanced database Research and Modelling (ADReM) group at the University of Antwerp. His research interests consist of bioinformatics and data mining approaches to build computer models of biological systems.

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Keynote title: “Making sense of unexplained proteomics and metabolomics data with pattern mining approaches”

In this talk he will introduce some of the key challenges that the proteomics and metabolomics field are currently facing. A major fraction of mass spectrometry data remains still unexplained, especially in discovery workflows. Quality issues, artefacts, lack of (complete and representative) reference libraries and structural modifications are just a few of the major issues when we try to identify proteins or small molecules. He will discuss how they have (attempted to) come up with solutions that are based on pattern mining techniques. First, he will also discuss their efforts to find associations between unexplained parts of information with frequent pattern discovery techniques, and reveal how they can help to elucidate fractions of unassigned proteome and metabolome data. Second, he will present solutions to efficiently search libraries while allowing structural modifications, i.e. so called open library search. He will place these in the broad context of improved quality of proteome and metabolome analysis workflows.