ESCS 2016 - Programme of the Day

Time Activity
08:30-9:00        Registration + poster setup

Session 1 Session Chair: Annika Jacobsen
09:00-09:15        Welcome and ice breaking event
09:15-10:00        Keynote Speaker: Kris Laukens - Making sense of unexplained proteomics and metabolomics data with pattern mining
10:00-10:15        Lisanna Paladin – RepeatsDB 2.0: improved annotation, classification and visualization of repeat proteins.
10:15-10:30        Thies Gehrmann – Nucleus specific expression in the multi-nuclear mushroom Agaricus bisporus
10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

Session 2 Session Chair: Kevin Schwahn
11:00-11:15        Antonio Colaprico – TCGAbiolinks: An R/Bioconductor package for integrative analysis with TCGA data
11:15-11:30        Michał Burdukiewicz – AmyloGram: a novel predictor of amyloidogenicity
11:30-11:45        Konrad Zych – Improving potato breeding with computational and functional genomics
11:45-12:30        Keynote Speaker: Roeland Merks - Multiscale Modeling of the Gut Microbiota
12:30-13:00        Lunch
13:00-14:00        Poster Session

Session 3 Session Chair: Nanne Aben
14:00-14:15        Anne-Claire Martines – A vicious cycle in mammalian fatty-acid oxidation
14:15-14:30        Daniele Parisi – Data fusion in drug target interaction prediction and drug repositioning
14:30-14:45        Sivan Gershanov – Subgrouping of pediatric medulloblastoma using an integrated analysis of MicroRNA-mRNA expression profile
14:45-15:00        Andrian Yang – A quick and flexible transcriptomic feature quantification framework on the cloud
15:00-15:30        Coffee Break

Session 4 Session Chair: Susanne Hermans
15:30-15:45        Jonas Ibn-Salem – Three-dimensional chromatin looping predicted by CTCF motifs and ChIP-seq signals
15:45-16:00        Sascha Meiers – Functional impact of genomic rearrangements on chromatin organization and transcriptional regulation
16:00-16:15        Bart Cuypers – Whole genome sequencing of a dried blood spot reveals an atypical T. gambiense
16:15-17:00        Keynote Speaker: Núria Lopez Bigas - On the quest for Cancer Drivers
17:00-17:15        Symposium Final Words & Prize Ceremony

18:30-?        Student Social Event with drinks at Luden